Hi! I’m Hanna.

I am on a journey of discovering. Discovering the world. People. My heart. Creativity. The beauty surrounding me. Truth and how much I don’t know. Discovering the more.

I see people as works of art. Being an artist myself, I know that the process, most of the time, looks nothing like the finished work. It can get messy. Confusing. Even frustrating.

Life is a wild ride and can feel like a lot of things, sometimes all at once, and this is where writing comes in. For me, it’s therapeutic. I need it. It is at times the only thing that makes sense, the one thing that helps me see clearly. My imagination is my favourite place to be and I love diving into it head first to discover new characters and places and ways of looking at things. Being a vessel for creativity is the most euphoric feeling I know and I have a lingering craving for it deep down in my bones.

So create I will.

I can’t say where we’re going because I have no clue, but you’re more than welcome to come along if you’d like.