What’s a little aching? (lyrics)

Here’s a little something i wrote last night. It’s in part inspired by a good old headache, in part by resent conversations and observations about how differently different people relate to pain.

Some tough it out, some hide from it with all their might and some welcome it with open arms.

How much of healing is feeling it, and how much is letting go? And can you even truly let go if you don’t allow yourself to feel it? I’d sure like to know.

I had a pain in my head all day
I said I’ll stick it out
My friends searched for medicine
No bags left to scout
Oh you’re so sweet,
I swear there’s no need
I still walk in a straight line
Hey what’s a little aching?
I’ll be fine

Just like the last time I held you
I’ve gotten used to the feeling of breaking
And I walk in nothing but worn in shoes
I think I have sorrow confused with healing
But what’s a little aching?

Here’s a little impromptu video I recorded of it on my still very out of tune piano.


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