Empty Space. (lyrics)

I’m so sick of the silence
I never missed city streets so
With people around me
It’s easier to drive out ghosts
All up in my head
I want someone to tell me
A story other than my own
Here I’ve been spelling out feelings
As fast as my fingers can go

It always felt like waterfalls of words
travelling up my throat and
Springing out like shooting stars
Letters to deliver me and maybe someone out there
Resonating with a hurting heart

But now I’ve finally run out things to say
Can still hear each word echoing off the walls
In my mind

What do I do with the empty space?
The one I painted all the colours that you

I’m so sick of the silence
I never thought I’d miss you so

Here’s a new song I’m working on. It still needs another verse but I really like where it’s going. I also find enjoyment in the fact that it came out feeling like I had nothing to write about. If that can be a prompt I guess you really can write about anything.


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