A new chapter.

It’s official.

A new chapter has begun and I can feel the shift deep down in my bones.

Not that everything will change. I’m still stuck between the same two covers (happily so ) and I’ve lived through enough of the story to know that just because things now look different it doesn’t mean that all the old gets left behind. Still, it’s new, and I’m excited to discover what it holds.

Since last night I officially live in a new city in my new apartment and it already feels like home. My apartment. I like the sound of that.

I have nothing edible except oats, 4 eggs, a couple pieces of rye bread, butter, peanut butter, coffee and an apple so grocery shopping is at the top of the agenda. I also have some tedious organizing to do until every little thing has found it’s home and I need to round the thrift stores to find a couple of miscellanious things, but it’s getting so close. I finally have a home and this time, it’s just mine. You better believe I’ve already cooked naked.

Today is my first day of school. Kind of mind boggling that you can have a first day of school at almost 24. Well, no matter how unconventional this first day of uni at almost 24 might be, I have to say I am very much looking forward to it.

Me and my dad made these pretty wooden coasters the other day and they are perfect for hot bowls, sandwiches and coffee cups.


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