(I think) I’m back.

Hi. It’s been a hot minute.

Me and this little blog were on really good terms for a while but then life went ahead and threw me some real’ hefty curvballs and, after tackling all of them, the little energy left in me had to be directed towards school. And basic everyday things, really.

Funny how much strenght it takes to simply get up and take a walk, or make a meal that consists of more than just yoghurt and müsli. Did it always take that much and it was only now that my tank was in a constant state of almost empty that I became very aware of it’s slow but steady depletion, or does the draining really happen faster when you get close to the bottom? Like, does going for a walk around the block always take 7% or does it always take 7? Because 7% is not a whole lot, but if you only have 10 out of a 100 (bars of energy or whatever you want to call it) left and that walk costs you 7, suddenly you have to be very careful with your last 3 or it might just be game over. Or at least game on pause.

So, nothing personal, and I hope we’re still on good terms. All I’m really trying to say here is; I was just very tired for what felt like a very long time, but I’m better now and I think I’m back.

If you’re still here, thanks for sticking around. It really does warm my heart that you take the time to dive into my world of words.


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