Part of me wants you
the other shivers at the thought
I don’t blame you for being confused
because I too am lost.

In this moment
I’m two parts love
and one part fear
but don’t get your hopes up
because tomorrow they might switch places.

One second I think I’m ready
the next I don’t
and there I go again
facing my demons alone.

But what if this time
we could do it together?
I know you have a darkness of your own
maybe that’s why we find refuge in each other.

A safe harbour is hard to come by
and I’m still far from sure
but through the rain and the dim light
I think I can make out dry land.

So, will you swim with me,
slow and steady
until we both return to firm ground?

I don’t know how long it will take
so I’m asking for patience
I know I will get there eventually but
until then

I’m a paradox hoping for clarity.


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