All I want summed up in 20.

I want to be my body’s most trusted friend

I want to always know that I’m enough

I want to be really honest, even when it’s hard

I want my love to always be louder than my fear

I want to be held by tender arms

I want to drink my morning coffee in southern France

I want children as my teachers

I want my words to become another one’s language

I want my internal world to be one of my own making

I want to feel my breath reach my toes

I want to be seen and not look away

I want to go skinny dipping in the rain

I want to sleep under the stars

I want to ask all the questions and be okay with not getting answers

I want to live close to the mountains

I want to be who I was before I was told I had to be someone else

I want to welcome mistakes

I want to get lost in the music, the art and the stories

I want to grow with somebody

I want to see it all


Prompt from singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers.

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