Wrote a new song. {voicememo}

Or it’s not done yet, the whole thing came to be in a whim by the piano after dinner today. But, I’m very excited about it so I wanted to share the lyrics with you!

It’s one of those songs that surprised me- my favourite kind. I felt kind of off today, like I had a big pile of emotions stuck inside of me but didn’t quite know why, so I went for a walk and then just sat down by the piano. I played three chords, the first sentence came right out and the rest quickly followed.

It needed to get out, I needed to surrender to it, and when I finally did I could clearly feel the release. The lightness that always comes, whenever my heart is allowed to just bust open, to let go of whatever heavy thing it is carrying.

I am so, so in love with the process of creating, I can’t get enough of it. Sometimes it makes me so giddy I can’t fall asleep.

Actually, screw perfection. I meant to just share the lyrics because I only have an imperfect, one take voice memo that I took just to remember it, but now I feel like I want to share that too, so here we go. I think there’s something so magical about the messy process of creating, and I don’t want to allow perfectionism to rob me of the joy of letting you take part in it.

So, here’s the voicememo:

(Had to put it as a video to be able to upload it. Listen with headphones if you can, the sound will be a lot better that way!)

If we were together

I get stuck in my chest
And I try
To break a rib and climb out of it
But I’m tongue tied
And the words keep failing me
Cause sometimes
They get stuck in my chest

And sometimes
I’m restrained by my brain
It’s a wild round world under a dome
And I’m running the laps in haste
But sometimes
I wish I could float away
a bottled up letter
Riding rivers and be found by someone who could crack the code of my dna

If I could emigrate and find another place to be
I think I’d choose to
Come live inside of you
I know we both have our fair share of troubles but you see
Then maybe we would know how
to overcome with ease
If we were together
If we were together

It still needs another verse and some sort of stick or something like that, but this is what I have so far.

I’d love to hear what you think about it, and also please let me know any thoughts or experiences you have around the creative process! It would be so interesting to hear your stories.


9 thoughts on “Wrote a new song. {voicememo}

  1. Timothy Price says:

    “If we were together” is really quite beautiful in your sparse yet deliberate delivery. Your audio picked up some extra background sounds, but for a spur of the moment voice memo recording it came out well. I don’t know if you have checked out any of the music I record. Since you go to or have gone to a Bible college, you might listen to T.U.L.I.P. (five songs) I posted two Tuesdays ago if you get the chance. I’d like to hear what you think about the songs. I currently use PreSonus Studio One for my recording and audio processing. I also use Audacity for some audio processing tasks.

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    1. Hanna Streng says:

      Thank you! I know the audio isn’t at all perfect, like I said, it wasn’t at all initially intended to be heard by anyone else’s ears. I haven’t checked out your songs, but I will give them a listen! I usually work with logic pro so I’ll make a proper version of this one when it’s finished ☺

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        I really appreciate how you felt your song, recorded your song and posted your song in it’s raw form rather than simply writing abut your experience. There is a real satisfaction you give your readers by turning them into listeners by providing the song as part of your writing about the inspiration.

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    2. Hanna Streng says:

      Okay I went and listened to some of the songs! Although I personally don’t relate to the lyrics at this point in my life, I do really like the instrumental composition you have going, with the electric guitar and drums especially.

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        I can understand not relating to the lyrics at any point. I don’t relate to the lyrics either, even though I wrote them. I’m not a Calvinist, and I’ve always found the five points of Calvinism to be strange. However, I was inspired and followed through. I gave myself the challenge of coming up with five distinct songs that illustrate each point as I understand them. I think I was successful in making five different pieces of music.

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      2. Timothy Price says:

        I get quite a bit of inspiration these days. I usually write them down. Some turn into parodies, others get made into songs, others never go anywhere other than sitting on my hard drive hoping something can be made out of them. I have one ballad inspired from a magazine article that I’ve been trying to come up with the right music for over two years now. I have several sets of lyrics that are pretty decent, but I haven’t come up with music I like for them. The number of pieces that will never go beyond my ears are quite numerous.

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