Blackout poetry #10.

Humming a desert
a memory tears seem to dry up
humming loud
I made myself relive
all that made the days.

Melancholy nostalgia.

7 thoughts on “Blackout poetry #10.

  1. Timothy Price says:

    I love it. The marked page reminds me of a dark computer punch card from days gone by. Thinking of “Melancholy nostalgia”, I punched a lot of computer cards 40 years ago. Do you have refrigerator magnets for making poetry? I came across a set of magnets in Italian when I was looking for something the other day.

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    1. Hanna Streng says:

      Uuh that sounds fun! And no I don’t have magnets. Kind of feel like it would be quite restrictive though, I mean you can’t possibly have all the words as magnets, so I guess you would have to just reorganize the same words over and over 😅

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