A wave of nostalgia.

Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

A wave of nostalgia hit me this week and as I rode it I found these clips from Baker Beach, San Francisco. I decided to put them together and make a little something, just for the sake of reminiscing.

This was pretty much the perfect day.
I had bought myself a ticket to a Maggie Rogers concert for my birthday and this was the day I finally got to go. So, my friend and I drove down to San Fran, spent way too long  struggling  in big city traffic just to get sushi rolls (we made it through eventually but man oh man it was rough) and then we went to the beach to relax and enjoy our well earned meal before heading to the theater.

The sushi was fantastic, but what I loved even more was seeing all these different people (and animals) interact with the ocean. There were so many beautiful moments and personalities on display I couldn’t help but secretly capture a few snippets.
Oh, and we saw dolphins! (You should try and spot them, they are in there.)

So sushi, the ocean and dolphins followed by the best concert I’ve ever been to, then driving home in the middle of the night, windows down and music loud, on that wonderful post concert high. Did I say it was the perfect day?

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