A letter to myself (and you) for when the good old friend anxiety comes to visit.

If you’re not sure what to believe in
you can always start by believing in you.
And in Love.
Never stop believing in Love.
I know I know, it sounds super cheesy but don’t you dare let all the cheese dim your view of the truth.
Perfect Love is for you,
with you and in you,

And when your head starts spinning and you feel like you’re drowning in your own skin
take a deep breath
then another one
and then pay attention to your fingers,
your toes
and then the ground beneath your feet.
How does it feel?
Is it soft and welcoming like the rug in your grandmother’s kitchen,
or hard and sturdy, like concrete?
Will it cave under you or will it faithfully hold you upright, even in this moment?
Trust it.

Focus on the air entering your body.
Is it cold or warm as it momentarily rests in your chest?
How deep can you allow it to go?
If you breathe in just a little more, can you see the oxygen reaching even the furthest of extremities?
Let it in
let it out
and trust that even now,
your body knows how.

Feel the pull of the earth beneath you
and become aware of the immence power it holds.
Yes I believe in you, but no way you and your floaty head can defeat gravity.
When you can’t seem to stay grounded
the ground will take care of that for you.
Trust it.

Feel Peace settling in yet?
If not,
go play the piano for a while or take a walk
and you will.
Or put on some loud music and pretend you accidentally stepped in an anthill and shake and flail those arms and legs until you’re absolutely sure you got every last one off of you.
Then dance. (That’s what the music is for.)
That never fails.

Much love,

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