With eyes glazed over
you began peeling back layers
one at a time
and then all at once
words like water
rising up from a well so deep
then pouring out like a stream
slowly washing away the touch of unwanted hands
and healing the skin beneath.

What a glorious display of trust
right where you said you had none,
what an honour to be allowed in
where you feared no one would want to go with you.

I’m sorry they took advantage of your love.
I’m sorry they were so hungry to own what wasn’t given
and made a home
where they should have been nothing but a humble guest in your wonder-filled abode.
I’m sorry you feel like they stole your innocence.

they said

clawed their way to the top
and placed a rope around your neck.

They forgot that without you,
they were nothing but an oval lump of bone and flesh detached from the rest,
lacking a heartbeat
starving for air but with no lungs to hold it in.

show some damn respect.

I’m sorry and I’m angry
but I’m also sure
they failed.

Yes, they took your trust and yes
the severed walls were hell to build back up
but no
they have not stolen your innocence.

A lack of innocence would make you guilty
and you, my dear
are guilty of nothing.
This is on them.


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