The apple tree.

When I was little I always loved going up to our attic room (the one that’s now my room- funny how life works) to pore over all the old things. It was just storage at the time, but I would spend hours in there reading old books or flipping through magazines. It almost always ended with mom coming to look for me only to find me sitting on a box, completely submerged in antiques.
Other than books and magazines and old things, what really got my attention up there was this old painting of a lady in white sitting under an apple tree, reading the morning’s newspaper. I would always imagine what it felt like to be her. So peaceful, so still, so at ease.
It was one of those paintings that not only showed you a picture but brought you inside it.

Fast forward to this summer. I was sitting by my little attic window, the apple tree outside still in full bloom, when I had this overwhelming desire to recreate that old childhood dream of mine. To be the lady in white under the apple tree, reading in morning light. I got all excited but had to head to work right after so I couldn’t do anything about it then. The following night came the storm that undressed the entire tree, leaving all it’s blossoms as a white blanket on the ground, taking my little dream with it.

A couple of days later a relative texted me out of the blue, asking me if I wanted to take care of their garden when they went on a trip. The only contact we usually have is when they send me an annual poem for my birthday, so needless to say the request came as a bit of a surprise. But, I happily accepted and the next day I went on a grand tour of the garden to get all my instructions. We made our way around the house and the first thing I saw when we got to the backyard was this absolutely gorgeous apple tree. Like not just any apple tree, but one that has literally been cut and pruned to look like a tent. And all the blossoms were still intact, thanks to the bushes and trees surrounding it.
They were happy to lend it to me for a photoshoot, so the next morning I grabbed my talented photographer friend and some props, and I had so much fun playing the lady under the apple tree.


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