Plant rant part 2.

Looks like my satirical plant rant the other day wasn’t enough.
You know the too tall one with bad posture I was talking about? (If you don’t you might want to read about him in my last post first.)
Well, he just got a lot shorter.
Because I broke him.
Cut his head straight off, I did.
Not on purpose, of course not, I just happened to run into him and appearantly he couldn’t take a hit.
I tried to replant the top in a different pot in the hopes that it will grow into a new plant baby.
Will it work?
I have no clue.
All I know is;
My plant child is split in two
and it’s my fault.
Again- oh the art of mothering. Such hard work.
But, we need to give ourselves some grace, us mothers.
If you too happen to cut a head off, just replant it and hope for the best.
I’m sure everything will turn out just fine.

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