There will come a day.

I have many doubts and questions
But one stands above all
Will there come a day
When all my ways
Will lead to who you are?
Will I one day stop this wavering
This walking to and fro
Will I learn to trust that
Reckless love
is given without fault?

Will I ever cease
to walk the line
Between reality and dream
Because I’ve learned which side you’re on
And won’t fear you’re fantasy?
Have I made a God of my own
One that’s safe enough to know
have I allowed your goodness to grow
bigger than you’ll go?

I have asked all this
Gone further still
And yet you always know
To make sure all my questioning will
Lead me straight back home.
You walk the line
With me each time
So patiently you go
As far as my fears lead me until
I can see up close

What lies look like
And where they’re from
And how truth feels to know
How yeses aren’t covered with
Conditions for tight hold.

I still have many doubts
But one thing now I know
There will come a day
When walking away
Will be something of old.
A time will come
When all our love
Will be what all endures
When wars are fought there
side by side
And I’ll never turn from yours.

When I will see through everything
That other’s told me to
Believe about who you are
That is anything but true.
I’m sorry I’ve forced words down
through your throat you’d never say
That I took expectation and I
dressed them in your name.

There will come a day
I hope it’s soon
When we’ll be done and through
With all this wandering and losing
Sight of what is true.
Until that day
We’ll move and sway
But never will I fall
As long as I am with you
All ways lead home to your arms.


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