Winter’s return.

Winter came back.

It’s April 14th, the world is covered in white and here I thought I would soon begin to find leaves and blossoms on my dear apple tree. I guess spring decided to take a detour on her way here.

The wild polar wind accompanying this returning winter makes me want to do nothing but stay cuddled up and warm inside, but I don’t mind. It is still breathtakingly beautiful and besides, it feels very fitting for a time like this.

Maybe it’s heaven sending us a blanket of comfort, letting us know that now is a time for rest. A time to stay home, stay slow and remember what’s truly important. To once again open our eyes to the little things that make life worth living.

Maybe it’s peace coming through to this side of time.

Whatever it is; I think people are getting the clue.

I’m sitting here looking out my little attic window and I can’t see a living soul. Even the birds have sought shelter.

It might look empty, but there is still life.

Sometimes it just looks a little different.

Now is not the time to look for happy kids playing in the first warmth of spring, or people who were finally able to switch the car for the beloved bicycle.

No. Right now, life looks like warmly lit up windows and smoke coming out of red chimneys. It looks like candles flickering, sounds like the creaking of the walls when the wind takes hold and moves like the swirling snowflakes, right as it lets go.

It looks like tree branches dancing in a wild display of power and smells like comforting, home cooked meals bringing warmth to cold bones.

It feels like creativity coming into boredom and birthing something new.

Yes, there is still life.

Sometimes it just looks a little different.


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