Find the light.

This beautiful square of flowery light has sparked my joy many a dark morning, for as long as I’ve been alive to see it. No matter what life would bring I would always be at least a little excited to get up, just to see what it would look like this time. Where it would rest. The small thrill of approaching the light in an otherwise dark attic and letting it wake me back up again always managed to bring a smile to my face.
Again, life happened, but this hasn’t changed.
I know it might sound silly to you, but I believe it’s vital to be grateful for the simple things.

It made me think of something;
Feeling joy in difficult times is not insensitivity.

I’m not saying you can’t feel sad or scared or angry or frustrated. In fact, if you are carrying those feelings around- let yourself feel them. Brave the mess, breath out and let the air back into your chest.
You owe yourself that much.

Believe me when I say I’m one of the first to damn insensitivity to the pits of hell, but seeking out joy in the midst of adversity isn’t being inconsiderate- it’s fighting for a life lived fully alive.
This damn virus might try and rob us of our health, but it can’t steal our joy.
That one has to be given.

When things start feeling overwhelming, take a moment and find wherever the light is. Whatever little thing you have to be thankful for- find that.

Even if it’s just a pretty shadow on your wall.

You may feel lonely, but you’re not alone.
You may feel isolated, but you’re not abandoned.
You may feel all the feelings available to mankind, but you are still loved.
We’re in this together.
It will all be okay evetually.

And life is still beautiful.
Sometimes you just have to stop a little longer to see it.

Love, Hanna

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