Silver linings. [ a short story]

This has been a gruesome winter, she thought to herself as she stepped out the door and was met by a howling wind’s cold greeting.
She pulled the coat tighter around her shoulders, begging for a warm embrace.
But it wasn’t the cold that made the world seem cruel. She usually loved the snow and the stillness that this season would bring, but this year was different.

The problem was- it was just cold.

This time that would usually be soft and light and kind was now nothing but months and months of harsh shadows and dim colors
without even a speck of covering.
The ground waited patiently, but no relief came and now, along with the wind,
you could almost hear it screaming
“bury me, please”.

And still, there was no rest for the weary.
Only a light coat of frost.

The leaves that were oh so ready to fall
and return to ash and dust to then,

like the phoenix, rise again

in a fiery explosion of life in spring
were all still there,

laid bare

relentlessly trampled upon by restless feet.
Over and over
pounded hard into cold concrete.

Now, as the last shades of lavender light grazed the sky and the sun was burning out

a lonely leaf still hanging on grabbed hold of it all like a glimmer of hope

and her dry form slightly sparkled around the edges.

Maybe it was but a trick of the leaving light, I know

but maybe

just maybe
the sun left her the last spark because he too
at this dark time
needed someone to remind him
to rise again.

She took a deep breath of frozen air that tickled her lunges on it’s way down.
She had not been able to see it until now, but as she kept taking the next step
she finally understood
this is what they meant when they said:
“hang in there darling,
see the silver linings”.


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