Poetic ramblings of a 2 am mind.

I used to feel alone but surrounded

Now I am alone

but at peace with my self.

Solitude is comfort for the lonliness.


Loose ends

Disconnection is a beast I can’t kill

so how do I reach arms far

all the way to the other side

while fearing I will lose you

like water to the tide?

The line was cut,

the beast set loose,

I need to catch it

before it breaks through

into the hole I dug myself


right below my feet

with a ceiling spread out thin

for nothing to prevent me from falling.

I need to pin it down,

like a destination to avoid,

or I will never get away from remembrance.

I need to tie these ends together

or I will stare you down,

my Beast,


I’ll await your arrival and then

stay still,

just long enough for me to catch you

with a quivering glimpse.

I need to know you will be here when I wake

living in my hole

so I can run away


I need to tie you down

but my string is all loose ends.


This was yet another child birthed under the covers of a 2 am mind.

It’s honest but the hours of the night seem to have a way of making you leave all your filters behind and simply allowing those pinned back thoughts to fall out.

It’s refreshing, in a way, finally being able to see them as letters on a page instead of feeling them as a whirlwind in my already turbulent brain.

Clarity is scary, but then again, so is uncertainty.

I’m learning to value honesty above all else.

And that authenticity doesn’t always look pretty.

I’m learning to let go and let the light in

One word at a time.


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