Conversations with a customer.

All I got is time“, she said with a smile that brought out the beautiful wrinkles in the corners of her eyes.
A clear sign of a long, joy filled life, they say.
Judging by the way she spoke of him, she must know him well.
Time, I mean.
This very same time that so many of us are either running from or trying oh so desperately to catch.

Not this woman.
This radiant soul had found peace with growing old, walking side by side with days going by, not as a conqueror but as a companion.
Step by step, holding hands with her greatest treasure.

That might be the key to it all, now that I really think about it.
I know I sometimes overthink things,
but I like to ponder and hold on and not just let thoughts fly by without actually seeing them clearly for what they are- moments to learn about who and whose and where we are.
This woman, she treasures.
Where others would do nothing but wish time to pass them by or wait for a past one to come around, she simply stands in the in-between, patiently waiting for her ice cream,
and while waiting, treasuring the birds singing and the warm, August sunlight on her skin.
Standing still, slowly and with a smile, taking it all in again, one more time.

You seem to know what you’re doing.
You seem to have known time for a good while, and still, you love him.

One day, I want to be like you.


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