Thoughts on being present.

Hanna Streng, blackout poetry

“Be present.”

That’s easier said than done- I know.

I love both dreaming and reminisching and have a high value for both, but I have found that there comes a point when they, instead of adding value to your life, take away from it.

I’m learning not to allow it to get to that.

Dreaming is supposed to make you hopeful and expectant- not down and disappointed.

Reminisching is meant to leave you thankful and with a smile on your face- not sad and dissatisfied with what is in front of you.

If you notice that the line has been crossed- take a few minutes and allow yourself to come back to the now. Chances are that if you were truly present,
truly living right here, right now,
you would find that life is a lot more beautiful,
a lot more satisfying and
so much more thrilling than you ever thought possible.

“God was in this place and I didn’t even know it”, someone once said.
Knowing comes from finding and in order to find

you have to look.

If you want to look,

You have to stop,

-or at least slow down enough-

to see clearly.


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