I am a weirdo and so are you.

[ W E I R D ]
def: “suggesting something supernatural; unearthly.”

If that’s what weird is, when did being weird become a bad thing?
Heck, if that is what it means I have dedicated my whole life to being just that.

And, even if weird would just mean strange or peculiar, I’d proudly say I am those things too.
•I’m 21, but I’m convinced I have a little girl inside me that will never grow up, and am even more determined to never be the reason she does.
•I laugh very hard and if I try too hard to hold it in my nostrils start flayling. (Thanks dad for that great inheritance.)
•I stick my tongue out to movie characters when they are being idiots because I get mad and it feels like the only appropriate response.
•I love the forest, can get lost in there for hours and whoever ends up with me will have to deal with plenty of disappearing acts followed by muddy shoes appearing on the porch.
•I love the wind because it makes me feel like Pocahontas.
•my imagination is wild and it’s one of my favourite things ever.
•I love Jesus a lot.
•I left everything and moved to the other side of the world to spend three years at a school we jokingly call “Christian Hogwards”. It forever changed my life.
(No, I didn’t become a witch. Pinky promise.)
•I’ve seen plenty of really crazy unexplainable things, enough to never again settle for “normal”.
•I’ve lived most of my life led by my gut, except I’ve found that my so called “gut” isn’t just me.
•If I look like I’m in another world I probably am. I have many and chances are I just found one of them more entertaining than this one.
•I gulp really loudly when I drink and can’t help it. My family thinks there’s something oddly wrong with my throat.
•I write when I walk. As soon as my feet start moving all these words and sentences start bubbling up in me and it always results in me either frequently stopping to write them down or me desperately trying to store all the words up in my head until I finally give up and sit down on a rock or tree stump trying to untangle them all. (Right now it’s a rock.)

•I am really just telling you random weird things about me at this point, for no other reason than the fact that I went for a walk and they started bubbling up in me, and my so called “gut” told me to write them down.

Hanna Streng

This kind of turned into an introduction but I guess it’s about time.
I think I just want to make sure you know that we all are a bunch of weirdos and that you should either get over it or start loving it.
Preferably love it.
Life is a lot more fun that way.

(Now that I’ve talked about myself way more than what’s comfortable- what are some weird quirks that make you you? I’m genuinely curious and would love to get to know you a bit! Let’s celebrate our specialties 😊)


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