Happy ramblings of a lover of Life.

“Wow, I feel so alive. This was the best day I’ve had in a while.
My soul feels vibrant and loud, and my heart is filled to the brim with joy and happiness and all the good things.
I don’t even know how to put words to it all, this is just one of those moments that can’t be written down. It demands to be lived.

I can’t stop smiling and my giddyness is not going anywhere anytime soon.
I am full of energy and my body is resonating music that makes me want to move.
I’m laying in bed, wanting nothing but to live this night all over again.
Basically, I am acting and feeling like most people do when they are in love, except I’m not. I’m just in love with being alive. With the One who is life.

We went and did a photoshoot out in the flowery fields, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I’m pretty sure we got some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken. They were pure art and some of them I could quite literally use as a cover for my future album I am determined I will one day make. That wasn’t the main reason why it was so amazing though.

Not to say that I don’t like taking photos- quite the opposite- tonight reminded me again of how much I truly love it. I really need to get myself a proper camera.

I just love how it makes you stop and see beauty, how you through simply taking a photo can let everyone see the world through your eyes. I love how it makes you actually seek out moments and do things you never would have thought of doing before. It gives you new perspectives, too. (Especially when you bend your body in all the weird angels possible just to get that one perfect shot, or when you are laying down on the ground staying in that half-up situp postion until your abs are all shaky, for the same reason. Any dedicated creative knows what I’m talking about.)
I love how it allows you to help people see themselves for what they really are, fearfully and wonderfully and oh so beautifully made.

I love photography but it wasn’t just the photos.
It was the moments we got because of it.

I got to lay in a beautiful giant field of flowers, I got to dance in it and play in it and do all the frolicking my heart could ever desire. I cared nothing about what passerby’s would think of me, I felt so free. I got to look all pretty in a nice dress. I got to host a ladybug. I got to watch a gorgeous sunset against lavender mountains and golden skin and I got to dance with the last rays of light. The fullmoon and I danced even harder. She was so bright and beautiful. That moment was the closest thing to magic I’ve felt in awhile.

I got to hear real silence, and then frogs and crickets. On the way back I got to sit with the car windows rolled all the way down, my head out and my hair wild. The speakers were blasting my favourite tunes and I sang all the way from my belly.

I even got the perfect music video idea for that one song I needed to create one for.

It was pretty much perfect.

My heart is content and so full I think it might be at risk of bursting. If it did, I’d almost be okay with it. At least I’d know I have lived.”

Hanna Streng

I wrote this down to remember. Sometimes that’s all you need to do. Remember and return, over and over again.

Love, Hanna

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