Thoughts on inspiration.

I went to sleep around midnight the other night. Or I was going to. Sleep did not happen.

What did happen was one of those magical bathroom moments. You know, that moment when you actually unplug from the rest of the world for a few minutes and your brain finally has space to breathe so it suddenly hit’s you with all these great thoughts and ideas? (Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve heard way too many people confess this as true to believe anything different.)

Well, my moment happened while brushing my teeth.

It was just a little thought, a vague connection between things I hadn’t made before, but I’ve dealt enough with inspiration to know that when it comes- you grab it.

So I did.

That practically looked like me laying in my bed, at 2 am, jotting down this whole story I didn’t know I had in me, all on my phone.

Crazy what comes to you in the wee hours of the night.

I couldn’t sleep after I was done either, this time because I was way too excited about what just came out of me.
I had missed writing. Missed feeling so alive, so accomplished, so filled with expectancy. Filled with new ideas bubbling up and with new stories I want to write. Inspiration is wonderful.

I’m so thankful for those bathroom moments.

Maybe this is it, now that I really think about it.
Maybe inspiration actually is drawn to me, maybe she does come often. Maybe I’m just way too preoccupied and distracted to notice. Maybe that’s why it has to take a quiet moment in the bathroom for me to suddenly become aware of her presence.

Grab hold of inspiration, kids. No matter at what hour she comes.
Don’t leave her knocking, thinking you’ll get that door later, because she won’t stand there forever.

Let her in. Let her visit you for as long as she likes. Hear her out, and then let her leave on her own terms. When she does, don’t lock the door behind her. Actually, don’t even close it- leave it wide open.

Make sure she knows she’s welcome to pay you a visit any time she wants.

Because she will. If you make her feel welcome, she will soon cross the line from visitor to friend, from stranger to constant companion.
You might as well prepare a room for her right now while you’re at it.

I’ll say it again. Let her in. Go open that dang door. No matter when she comes or what you’re doing.

She is kind and she is glorious, but one thing she doesn’t care about is being convenient.


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