Travel thoughts.

I am currently on a bus trying to get myself to Redding from the airport in Oakland. It sure is an interesting experience, basically being dumped off in a big city you’ve never been in and then trying to find your way to another.

Especially if you’re a smalltown girl like me.

I would say I’m doing pretty dang good though. Over 33 hours of travel behind me and a few more to go. I can do this.

Anyway, I’ve written quite a bit during these past few days (as always) and I won’t share nearly everything but these were some of my thoughts on the flight.

He is faithful, guys. He really is. And he has the tendency to take care of you and fix things in the oddest, but sweetest of ways.

(Sorry if this is rambly, I’ve missed a few nights of sleep.)

“September 4, 2018

It’s silly really, the way you over and over prove your faithfulness and we still struggle to trust you.

It hit me, as the aircraft left the ground and started moving fast, high up.

No matter how foggy and gray it was down there, and even though we couldn’t see much more than the ground beneath our feet, it only took seconds for us to pierce through those cotton candy clouds and see the sun beautifully rise above them. As always. It doesn’t really matter whether we see it or not.

All that matters is that it’s there.



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