I Gave In.

I never thought this day would come, the day when I start a blog. In fact; if you would have asked me about it a year ago I would most likely have told you that it isn’t going to happen. And yet here I am.

I know I think a lot, and I do love to write. That was my favorite thing all throughout school. Just writing and coming up with stories. Honestly, I still love going back to read them, to see the improvement. Yep, they’re all saved, and I’m not planning on throwing them away anytime soon. I just didn’t think that my messy, complicated thoughts would interest anyone else. On top of that, what I do write is usually very personal to me, so the thought of putting it out there for everyone to read wasn’t very appealing.

Things were about to change. Quite a few people at home asked me to start a blog, but I always told them no. I’m usually not in the habit of doing things just because others want me to. Nevertheless, there is one Person that has the tendency to make me reconsider my decisions. “Hanna, what about a blog? I think that would be a great idea. You don’t have to write about your everyday life if you don’t want to. You could write about what we talk about, what is on your heart. And it would be a great place to show what you create and to share the stories behind every piece.” Really? I was still quite resistant, but He, slowly but surely, started softening my heart towards it.

When I arrived in California in September I had agreed to it, and I did try. I would like to say that I am a pretty patient person in general, but not when it comes to technology. We are in a love-hate relationship, technology and me. We get along when we have to, but I can’t say that it is easy. Mr T is the one that has to handle most of the rage from the otherwise very calm and collected me. In other words; I gave up. I never did it and I pretty much gave the thought up all together. Until this particular missions team- meeting.

We were prophesying over each other about our upcoming missions trip to Cambodia. (Yes, I’m actually going to Cambodia!) It was all very encouraging. Afterwards we had a little bit of time left, so the guy prophesying over me asked God if He had anything else He wanted him to tell me. Almost instantly he said, “I feel like God wants to encourage you to get more familiar with technology. How to comunicate online. Maybe start a blog?”

Okay Daddy, you got me. I get it.

So I gave in. Better late than never, right?



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